Feb. 10th, 2012 Up up and away?

I know it's not the best picture, but William LOVES balloons. I ordered him a Curious George mylar balloon that we got blown up with helium on our way to the coast for his birthday. He'll tell you that he can "fly" as he trails them around running and jumping off things with the balloons close behind him.

When we left the coast to head home, he had the mylar balloon tied around his wrist. We made a stop at the store and I hadn't thought that the balloon might not be tied around his wrist any longer...Yeah, you can guess what happened...
As Curious George floated up, up and away, William melted down in tears. Understandably so. Like I said, he LOVES balloons and this one was special. I quickly unbuckled him from his car seat and held him tightly there in the parking lot while he cried and reached in the air as if to think he could get it back. Frankly, I was terribly sad for him too )o; And there wasn't anything I could do...
As Grandma went into the store, William sat up in the front seat of the car with me, sobbing. After he had calmed down (a little), I asked him where his balloon went.

Mom: "William, where did your balloon go?"

William: "I don't know (with little sobs)....(after a pause) Up in the sky."

Mom: "Do you think it will float all the way up to God in Heaven then?"

William: (after an even longer pause, as the sobs lessened) "Yeah"

Mom: "You're letting God see your Curious George balloon?!"

William: "God will take care of it?"

Mom: (as I hugged him tightly and started to tear up myself) "Yep William. God will take care of it for you. I bet He loves Curious George as much as you do."

When Grandma came back to the car, he told her where his balloon went and that God was going to take care of it for him. On the way home, there were a few times he would start to cry while telling me he wanted his balloon back. Each time that I told him God was taking care of it, he'd stop, tears still in his eyes, and say "Okay Mom."

...Now if only I would have the same response with things in life I know God will take care of for me. Simple truths out of the mouth of babes. How having children has humbled me.


Brandy Leggett said…
That's a great moment. Thanks for sharing :) And happy belated birthday William!

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