March 5th, 2010 Our last visit with Tauna

My sister leaves for Japan later this month. She's contracted to teach English in some of the Japanese schools for a year. Today was the last day we would see her before she leaves to head down to CA to visit the rest of the family before she's gone to Japan. What bittersweet day. I am so excited for the new adventure in Japan that awaits her, but I still hold onto that Big sis desire to have her close. I am already thankful for Skype, as it will be our way to communicate while she's gone. Here's some pics from our day...

Mar was able to join us for the day too! Look at that brotherly sisterly love...

Giving William a bear hug...Hard to believe he'll be 2 when she sees him again.

Just before saying goodbye

WE LOVE YOU TUNES! We know the Lord will use you mightily wherever He directs your path. May you shine brightly to the new faces you'll meet in Japan (and I hope to hear you speak a little Japanese when you return...You're bound to learn it!).


Tauna Pile said…
I will miss you three too much. I can't think about it too much or my heart hurts. I can't wait to see William grow up over Skype because we will talk that much! I love you and can't wait to share stories with you.

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