August 5th-8th, 2010 Lost Lake Camping

We were so excited for our camping trip this year! We planned to head up to Lost Lake with our Life Group from church and camp for an extended weekend. We had such a blast. I just love seeing William play in the dirt and enjoy the outdoors 24/7. What little boy wouldn't love it! We had planned to take him on his first kayak ride but time and weather didn't permit. Don't worry, I know Dad will get him on the kayak with him sooner than later! Here are some of the fun pics from the weekend...

What better thing to do on a long drive than fall asleep...with watchdog Max at your side.

Mama and William sittin' by the fire

Pickin up rocks, down by the river.

Nothin' like a lukewarm bath in the wide open nature (Okay, Mom was being a little torturous at this point! We only did it once.)

Giving loves to his little buddy!

Our dutch oven (lasagna) goodness...

Playin' with the big kids: Jacob, Ethan and Lauren.

A mouthful of red licorice...and loving it!

My precious family


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