Man Made Breakfast

In my mode of half asleep while the boys came rambling down the stairs into my room, I responded, "You can get your own breakfast this morning boys."
They responded with an enthusiastic, "Ok!"

Little did I know that they had other plans than getting the step ladder to reach the cereal in the pantry and the milk out of the fridge...

I opened my door to this:
Grandma Marsha has instilled in them a love of our little donut maker (just like hers...Thank you Auntie Lori for the gift you gave us years ago at Christmas!).  Whenever they're at her house for breakfast, it's what they ask for.  Pour the dough into the little molds, shut the maker and boom, you've got yourself some mini "donuts".

I did not expect them to whip up a batch, and likely if they had asked, would've told them no.  It requires getting a recipe, gathering ingredients, following the recipe and then pouring and baking them in a super hot device.  Although they've helped me many other times, I would never have thought they could do it ALL on their own.

Was I sure surprised when I walked out of my bedroom.  For one, I must have fallen back into a super deep sleep not to hear all of this going on outside my bedroom door.  For two, this made me one proud Mama.  Not only did they taste great (with not one crunch of an egg shell...super impressive!), but look at that smart boy using his hot pad to open the donut maker and scoop out that donut!  One of these days I'm gonna be without a job...and that's perfectly ok with me (o;


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