Dec. 28th, 2010 William's Christmas'

William is such a lucky boy when it comes to Christmas. He's got three sets of grandpas and grandmas which of course means opening presents three times (o: Curtis and I don't have to get him anything and he's got plenty by the time he's done! He enjoyed Christmas a lot more this year and it was fun to watch his expressions (and hear the sounds he would make) as he opened each gift.

We spent Christmas morning at the Stroh house with humongous cinnamon rolls for breakfast and some good family time, Christmas day was spent with Grandma Marsha and Grandpa Bruce and the VanOrsow clan, the day after Christmas was spent with the Gant family, Grandma Kim and Grandpa Pile drove up from CA and arrived two days after Christmas, and then Grandma Loretta and Grandpa Terry stopped by on their way home to Hermiston on the 28th. It was a busy couple days! We are truly blessed with all the family we have.

William LOVED the little dog Grandma Marsha gave him Christmas day.

Tradition: wrapping paper fight after all the presents have been opened...William knocked out from a flying wad of paper. Whoever decided they could hit the little guy? Don't worry, he thought it was funny after he got back up.

Grandma Marsha made all the Gant boys matching pajamas...pretty stinkin' cute (o:

Grandpa Greg and Grandma Kim got him a little train and track. He was learning from Grandpa how to use it...(see how intently he's folding his hands-he worked on it for awhile)

Mom had to throw in this pic...Although it was pretty sad that William had to get sick around Christmas, I had to take a picture of this absolutely adorable little boy who kept putting the cold washcloth back on his head when I would take it off.

Despite being sick, he mustered up enough energy to enjoy the tractors Grandpa Terry and Grandma Loretta gave him. William LOVES tractors!


Tauna Pile said…
I just wanna kiss you both!

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